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Boats Single Search

Boats Single Search

Since 1949, Price Digests through the ABOS Marine Blue Book has been the most trusted comprehensive resource that provides the broadest range of detailed specifications and boat values. Updated quarterly on 3/1, 6/1, 9/1, and 12/1.

What you get:

  • Complete report with all available data points (see details below)
  • Search the most complete marine and boat database for your watercraft
  • Access to your specs, values, and data for 3 months
  • Download a PDF report

Please contact our sales team at (888) 488-2062 if you are interested in an annual subscription or need multiple vehicle searches.

Product Details

  • Asset Types Covered
    • Outboard Boats
    • Stern Drive / Inboard Boats
    • Sailboats
    • Pontoons
    • Personal Watercrafts
    • Outboard Engines
    • Boat Trailers
  • Scope of Coverage
    • All Boats - 1972 to current model year
    • Outboard Motors - 1946 to current model year
    • Personal Watercrafts - 1976 to current model year
    • Boat Trailers – 1989 to current model year
  • Key Specifications
    • Year, make, model / sub model
    • MSRP or “Cost New”
    • Boat type
    • Hull material
    • Engine drive and horsepower (a special indicator field shows if the engine is included in the valuation)
    • Packaged Trailer Indicator
    • Length, draft, and width in feet and inches
    • Weight and Load capacity
    • And much more
  • Values
    • MSRP
    • Retail
    • High trade-in
    • Low trade-in

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Single Vehicle Search

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