Grounds Maintenance Equipment Blue Book Online

Grounds Maintenance Equipment Blue Book Online

For over 50 years, the Grounds Maintenance Equipment Blue Book has been the trusted Blue Book® source for the accurate identification and valuation of the full range of Grounds Maintenance Equipment including lawn and garden tractors, mowers, snow throwers, rotary tillers, trimmers, chippers and blowers, and chain saws. This online annual subscription offers numerous rich specs and pricing for most major equipment brands since 1985. Updated semiannually on April 1 and October 1.

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Product Detail

  • Asset Types Covered
    • Riding and Walking Mowers
    • Snow Throwers
    • Rotary Tillers
    • Edger’s and Trimmers
    • Chippers and Blowers
    • Chain Saws
  • Scope of Coverage
    • 1985 to current Model Year
  • Product Features Include:
    • Detailed taxonomy search by category, year, make and model for quick and efficient lookup
    • Access to historical market values and value trending
    • Ability to build, save and organize inventory for future revisions and valuation
    • Convenient exportable .pdfs for printing or saving valuations outside of the software that can be customized with the preparer’s name
  • Key Specifications
    • Year, make, model
    • MSRP or “Cost New”
    • Engine manufacturer and size
    • Weight and measurements
    • Many more
  • Values
    • MSRP
    • Retail
    • High trade-in
    • Low trade-in

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